An Open Letter to Cowshed

Admission of Guilt: A Letter of Apology to Cowshed Liverpool, Seel Street

Dear Cowshed,

I am writing this open letter because I am truly sorry for forgetting to mention your fabulous restaurant in my ‘9 of the Best Restaurants in Liverpool’ article. I do not know how you escaped my mind when I was writing it, but I have been rueing my mistake ever since. Luckily, as a result of these strange and turbulent times I have had many hours to contemplate things and I am writing this as a result.

When I visited Cowshed for the first time, I was blown away by its classy, yet homely style. It feels like being in someone’s house, but one where you are very welcome – oh, and where the owners hire a world-class cooking team. Then you get the friendly service and the mouth-watering menu. I cannot look at a menu with croquettes without ordering them, so the fact that you have these as different daily specials is right up my alley. Orders are always taken by your friendly waiters in good time and they are always helpful and polite. This is essential in a steak restaurant because the staff have to know how to charmingly tell you that you have asked for your steak to be done wrong, without making you feel like an idiot! On that note, I would always take your advice because you have always nailed the cooking of the steaks.

When I have been, I can never look past ‘The Greedy Cow’. This consists of a flat iron, a rump and a ribeye with 2 sauces and 2 sides. I should probably mention that I have never quite plucked up the courage/funds to eat one all to myself, so I begrudgingly have to share it with my girlfriend. However, the steak is so amazingly flavourful and juicy that I always want more. The fries and savoy cabbage & green beans in chorizo cream are normally our sides of choice. They complement the meat beautifully, with the saltiness from the chips being toned down by the creamy freshness of the veg. As if that weren’t indulgent enough, we normally get the pepper sauce and the blue cheese sauce. Dipping some of the steak in the pepper gives it that beautiful kick, but I also just love eating the meat bare, so I can taste every subtle, beautiful flavour. Then the chips get even better with some blue cheese dip, which always gets me salivating. If I haven’t made it clear enough, I love your menu and how well you do everything on there. There’s a simple elegance to Cowshed. Only doing steak means that you get the best cuts, cook them perfectly and then match them up with great flavours. Plus, being a bit of a cheapskate, your house wine slips down easily and also goes brilliantly with the food – always a bonus!

So, to wrap up, I cannot wait for you guys to be able to reopen your doors when Corona dies down. I know it may sound like I am grovelling a bit, and I am, but you really do the best steaks in Liverpool, according to my tum. Therefore, I hope you’ll forgive me for missing you out in my original article and that you’ll even take me back when you reopen – I just can’t wait for some steak!

Good luck dealing with the difficulties of closure.

Yours in food,


Disclaimer: I completely understand that Cowshed probably didn’t care one bit that I forgot to mention them in my original article, but we can all dream of being more important than we are!

Go to their Instagram for more images of beautiful meat!

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